​​Bunny Party - $195 ($100 each additional hour)

8 rabbits of different ages and breeds will be set up in a portable pen in your backyard ... giving your guests the opportunity to safely hold and play with our smallest party animals.

* A great option for indoor parties or rainy days.

Miniature Horse Rides - $195 ($100 each additional hour)

Our miniature horse can carry children up to 50lbs and would love to attend your next party! She can give multiple rides to 12-15 children over the course of the hour. Please let us know if you would like her to wear red, pink, purple, or blue!

Backyard Petting Zoo - $275  ($100 each additional hour)

10-12 farm animals will be set up in a portable pen in your backyard. Guests can enter the pen to pet the animals if they would like or easily reach them from the outside of the pen. This is a perfect option for Birthday Parties! 

Petting Zoo & Rides - $325 ($100 each additional hour)

A miniature horse will offer pony rides alongside the backyard petting zoo for the ultimate backyard barnyard!

Public Events - $325 ($100 each additional hour)

We will bring all the animals that we can comfortably fit in our trailer - over 20 animals! They will be set up in multiple pens, so large crowds can easily move through and visit with each one. This is perfect for business events or public activities. (At large events, we do not allow guests in the pens for the safety of the children and animals. All animals are able to be reached and pet from the outside of the pen.)

Live Nativity Scene - $195 ($100 each additional hour)

A donkey, sheep, goat, and calf (when available) will be brought to your site to participate in your live nativity scene. The animals can be walked or held by the actors or placed in portable pens for the show.

School Tours - $5.00 per student  (minimum 50 students)

We will bring a variety of animals from our farm to your location. We will discuss the features of each animal, what they eat, and what they are used for on the farm. Students will have a chance to ask questions and pet or hold all of the animals. Each class will have 20-30 minutes with the animals. 

All of our parties include 1 full hour with the animals.

We will arrive about 20 minutes before party time to set up.

We proudly serve MOST of Delaware and the EASTERN Shore of Maryland.

*Due to rising fuel costs, there will be a temporary $1 per mile travel charge for parties on the road.

We will use our GPS at the time of booking to give you the exact cost from our door to yours!

Please contact us for information about  fairs and festivals, school and daycare presentations, vacation bible school activities, kiss the pig (or calf) contests, retirement home activities, school mascot appearances, or photos for the scrapbook!

Party Animals, LLC

We Bring the Barnyard to Your Backyard!