Our Animals ...

Party Animals, LLC

We Bring the Barnyard to Your Backyard!

Miniature Horses

Willow, Blueberry, and Susie are our crew of miniature horses. Willow is the expert at pony rides - she's been doing this with us since 2010! Blueberry and Susie LOVE to be brushed, fed, and decorated.

Miniature Donkeys

Noel and Joy star in our live nativity scenes and at least one of them attends every party on the road! They love attention and are great protectors of the rest of the herd. 


Our flock of Katahdin sheep grows every year, thanks to our neighbor. She raises over 200 sheep and if there are any that cannot be taken care of by their own mothers, we bring them to our farm and bottle feed them. This means they follow us everywhere, even in the house sometimes! 


We have 3 Pygmy goats, 2 Alpine goats, and 5 Nigerian Dwarf goats. They love to be hand fed, go on walks with the kids, and will fight for your attention all day long. 


Pearl is our miniature pot-bellied pig.  She doesn’t travel but can be visited anytime on the farm. 


We currently have a 12 rabbits in a multitude of colors and breeds. They are the most popular animal in the zoo!


Fourteen chickens rule the roost at our farm and provide us with eggs daily. A few have even laid an egg at our parties!


There are two ducks on the farm that LOVE to swim in their kiddie pool all year long. 


Our two alpacas are the newest addition to the zoo. They do not travel yet but can be fed and loved at the barn.